House number 41, alley number 378 Le Duan street, Dong Da district, Ha Noi city, Viet Nam
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GS,TS Duong Trong Hieu


House number 41, alley number 378 Le Duan street, Dong Da district, Ha Noi city, Viet Nam

Oriental Medicine Center is a department for consultation and treatment and prevention guide to the theory of Oriental Medicine

Professor, doctor: Duong Trong Hieu

    The department has been established twenty one years ago according to the Decision No 536-QD-SYT from Health Service of Hanoi – Viet Nam .

    Its director is Professor Doctor Duong Trong Hieu, second grade physician speacializing in Traditional Medicine with thirty-eight years of practice .

     Professor Doctor Duong Trong Hieu is specialist who respects the Oriental classical theory, combining the up – date knowledge, so he has written twenty work edited by Viet Nam Medical Publishing house (introduced in the book “45 years of Viet Nam Medical Publishing house, its authors and work”). He is also the first Ph. Doctor in Viet Nam Traditional Medicine who is named in the book of Confucius temple .

     He worked twenty – eight years at Traditional Medicine Research Institute that is now named Central Traditional Medicine Hospital and followed strictly the clinic practice in his scientific researches referring to the treatment subject of muscle, bone, joint diseases, respiratory diseases, digestive diseases, urologic diseases, diabetic diseases .

     His research themes were belonged to the three basic, ministerial and state management ranks, they were awarded a medal “for the cause of Scientific Research” by the Ministry of Science and Technology.

     He has participed in the propaganda and introduction on the press (Health and Life, Science and Life, Viet Nam women, Family physician, precious Medicinal plant…) with his hundred articles.

     He is also invited to attend television programs for heath and life from Ha Noi television and Central television (VTV2 channel).

    Accepts to examine and treat. Inter Medicine diseases:

    - Muscle, bone, joint diseases: joint pain and swenlling, lumbago, gout…

    - Respiratory diseases: stomachalgia, liver and gall diseases, colonnitis, hemornhoid…

    - Endoccrinal diseases: diabetes,sexual organs decline…

    - Urologic diseases: pregnancy troubles,shortage of milk, blockade of milk jet, menses troubles.

    - Neurologic diseases: facial paralysis (VII nervus), V nervus pain, nervus ischiadicus pain, neurasthenia.

      + Consultion of health and diseases during the examination and the treatment.

      + Service at home to clien’s request.

    To carry out the treatment

    - First, the patient is exmined very careful with looking, listening, asking, pulse feeling for getting Eigth – formed diagnosis, etiological diagnosis, organic diagnosis.

    - We have close contact with the paraclinic block for completing our diagnosis and our treatment such as altrasound, X ray, biochimic and hematologic tests, electrocardiography ( we are 600 meters far from the paraclinic block).

    - Hard and complex diseases will be treated in combining with western – medicine.

    - Each patient will be give a paper guiding the traditional medicine cooking mean, the traditional medicine using mean, some thing to be abstain during his treatment period.

    - The patient is always respected and answeres to his requests reagarding health protection.

    - Being sufficiently and commoditily equipped for the consultation and treatment to Oriental Medicien.

    - Being equipped with machines to modernize its treatment methods, raise their effects and reduce their treatment time.

    - Those are pharyngeal and pulmonary inhalers made in Japan, cervical spinal column extensor, belt spinal column extensor made in Beijing – China.

    - Owing a group technicians who were able to pratice after trained 3 years with the techniques of massage, extension, ventuose.

    - Mediciens bought from the warranty address and prepared classically by pharmacists and prescription clerks specializing in oriental pharmacy with an expeience over twenty years.

House number 41, alley number 378 Le Duan street, Dong Da district, Ha Noi city, Viet Nam